Noble hospital location

Chennai is a medical tourist delight and noble hospital in Chennai is the reason why? It located 15 mins from the main Chennai central train station and 30 mins from its airport(in peak traffic). Its well- connected being in the heart of the city and our easy approachability is one of our assets. We carry the strong tradition of Chennai hospitality to healthcare.

We Take Personal
Approach To
every patient

“We care” are not just words.

All Our Doctors

Never compromise quality

Noble is of the principle to never compromise quality. The best patient treatment output is possible by keeping our knowledge and equipment upto date. Our latest karl storz laprascopy suite, cutting edge c arm, Olympus endo & colonoscopy suite, multifunctional remote operated ot tables, the most shadow less LED OT lights, Carl Zeiss ophthalmic and ENT operating microscope, Macquet multi-purpose ventilators, laminar air flow in theatres (makes it safe for inflectionless surgeries) and many of our other gadgets aid the smooth transition from sickness to health. Zero tolerance to uncleanliness. 24 hrs power and clean water backup, central oxygen, compressed air and nitrous flow with 24 X 7 pharmacy, fully functional lab and food to cater to every tongue is our strength.

Today and Tomorrow

Care Clinic

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Competitor Clinic

Client Base Growth
Patient Satisfaction

Experience and internationally trained surgeons

Started in 1989 with 10 beds today we are 100 bedded with a wealth of 26 years’ experience in patient cure. Our faculty is a mix of professionals with Indian super specialization along with international fellowships and degrees. They offer the very latest in surgery, orthopedics, neuro, cardio, infertility, ENT, ophthalmology etc.

Care Medical Clinic

Competitor Clinic

Safety and security

Our entire staff and doctors are regularly oriented towards the safe and secure handling of patients and equipment. Safeties from fire, earthquake, malfunction, infection etc are strictly controlled with regular audit, employee motivation classes, equipment service and infrastructure.

Emergency, intensive care

Our specialists in emergency man the hospital round the clock. They handle all cardiac, neuro, abdominal, poisoning, trauma, asthma and pediatric emergencies. Our intensive care unit is highly specialized towards minute to minute patient care and holistic care of the very sick.

Medical Tourism

Noble is striving to be a number one in the booming international medical tourist industry. Iraq , srilanka, sudan are some of the places from where we handle medical tourism. Our care and concern has reached far and wide indeed.

laprascopy innovation

Our surgeon Dr Balaji Ravilla Baskaran, trained at madras medical college with international degrees in uk and france has the most fascinating array of skills. He is our young surgeon who has already done about 500 gall bladder removals, 400 hysterectomies(largest being a 22 weeks uterus) , innumerable lap hernia repairs and appendectomies, fibroid lap removal, sterilization, vasectomies(lap) , varicocelectomy and lap cancer surgery( Gastrectomy, hemicolectomy , splenectomy) etc. Now bariatric anti obesity surgery is the latest addition where he can bring down the weight of a person by about 40 to 50 kgs with laprascopy. Single port laprascopy is the way Dr balaji innovates in the field of laprascopy surgery. Yes now all the above surgeries are possible to be done with a single port(opening) in the abdomen. Robotic surgery is the next step.

Recognition and conference awards

We are awarded the ISO quality care for 2011 because of our strict adherence to ethical practice, waste segregation at source, infection and output audit etc. our surgeons have won best paper presentation awards at ASI, IAGES,AMASI etc.

The best joint replacements with plastic & reconstructive surgery facility

We have a very sterile operating theatre facility with laminar air flow and double sterilized equipment with good audit and control of persons handling these specialized instruments. Our surgeons are very experienced in handling these surgeries because of the sheer volume of replacements they do. Our cosmetic surgery department uses computer assisted body contouring and face remodeling corrective surgery. They are specialized in liposuction of abdomen ,arms, thighs, buttocks etc. and breast reduction or augmentation. We handle the govt insurance patients and the number of patients benefitted by this surgery are immense.

Our Vision

Our doctors ,staff and management are united in giving our patients the best of our friendship, care and knowledge. We are oriented towards the overall well-being of the patient and peace of mind which should be the ultimate goal in disease cure. As they say healing disease is NOBLE. To make noble hospital, Chennai the most patient friendly hospital in the world. To earn the goodwill and trust from our patients that we are the best and shall cut no corners to ensure positive results in any branch of medicine and surgery. To strive consistently for excellance and knowledge because disease evolves and man’s response should be tailored to that.