Dr Balaji Ravilla Baskaran
Born in temple town of tirupathi on jan first, Dr Balaji has he is fondly called grew up in chennai amidst heat, dust and doctors-yes, his mother was a gynaecologist and uncles were a paediatrician and pulmonologist.

Excited to be Alive:

Born in temple town of tirupathi on jan first, Dr Balaji has he is fondly called grew up in chennai amidst heat, dust and doctors-yes, his mother was a gynaecologist and uncles were a paediatrician and pulmonologist. He soon qualified on merit from Madras Medical College where he finished graduation(MBBS) with flying colours. He was a high jump, sprint and basketball sportsman too.

The year was 1997 and laparoscopy bug bit him since the world was just seeing the immense benefits of laparoscopy and Dr Balaji found it an exciting new way to do surgery. Dr Balaji instinctively knew that this is the way surgery should be done in future without pain, blood loss or scar and immediately embraced the new method.

List of merits & qualifications:

Madras Medical College (5yrs): MBBS
Railway hospital, perambur (2 yrs): dip n b (Dr Prem kumar)
Srmc and ri (3 yrs): ms (prof ravi)
Early advanced laprascopic training with dr hafeez rehman (lap gynaecologist,sunrise hospital,cochin) and
Dr palanivelu (lap gastroenterologist-gem hospital,coimbatore)
Rai memorial cancer centre (6 yrs): surgical oncology (dr rajaraman mch)
Member of royal college of surgeons (mrcs-uk) : certifcation exam (pend last)
Diploma in advanced laprascopy-france-course and certification exam cleared (dr marceaux & dr leroy)
Fellow of gastrointestinal endosurgeons (fiages)-course and certification exam cleared (dr b krihsna rao)
Consultant laprascopic gastroenterologist in noble hospital from 2004.

Meet me here:

List & no. Of surgeries completed as on may 2011:

Basic laprascopic surgeries:

Lap hernia(25)
Lap appendix removal- 950
Lap gall bladder stones removal- 700
Lap ovarian cyst removal-380
Lap hysterectomies-625
Lap myomectomies-100
Lap sterilisations(also at various corporation hosp in chennai)-2000
Lap vasectomy(20), lap varicocele(35)

Advanced bariatric(anti obesity/ diabetes curing) surgeries:

Lap sleeve gastrectomy
Lap bilio pancreatic bypass
Roux en y gastric bypass.

Advanced laprascopic surgeries:

Lap fundoplication(25)
Lap splenectomy(10)
Lap hydatid cyst removal(5)
Lap nephrectomy
Lap colopexy for rectal prolapse

Advanced laprascopic cancer (onco) surgeries:

Lap werthiems hysterectomies(50)
Lap apr
Lap hemicolectomies
Lap anterior resection
Lap gastrestomies

Single port/notes laprascopy: all the above surgeries can be done in the future with single port or natural orifice surgery-dr balaji has already done gall bladder and appendix thro single port i.e single hole. Apart from this countless thyroid surgeries, neck lumps removal, abdominal abscess drainage, limb amputaions, diabetic ulcer healing surgeries, skin grafting etc have been handled by this never tiring surgeon.

Teaching, conference talks and papers presented:

Saveetha dental college nursing (both Msc AND Bsc) students monthly seek his comprehensive practical nursing course.
Meenakshi college of physiotherapy students regularly are taught the basics of surgery and rehab
Regularly teach undergrad students at karpaga vinayaga medical college, chengelpet.
Indian Medical Associationa (IMA) thiruvallur branch for laparoscopic orientation talk.
Presented surgical papers at association of surgeons of india(association of surgeons of INDIA),INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS, ELSA(ASIA PACIFIC SURGEONS ASSOCIATION) ETC.
Operates in srilanka on monthly basis for laparoscopy and teaching their surgeons.
Regularly conducts camps on cancer awareness at laser woods, scope school, TI CYCLES, INDUSIND BANKS, BI ETC.
Cancer awareness programmes at Muthiah chettiar schools,purusawalkam.

Dr Balaji ravilla believes in reducing the time interval for new developments, techniques or gadgets in surgical world to come to Noble hospital even if it’s expensive since he believes the benefits to the surgical patient is immense and their surgery is revolutionized.

The equipment:

He has got Three chip high definition storz Laprascopy Camera with karl storz laparoscopy set , Martin German Diathermy machine, , state of art C arm, Olympus endo and colonoscopy suite, Carl Zeiss plastic surgery microscope, Macquet shadow less LED operation theatre lights , Touch panel OT table, single port assembly, Morcellator, Harmonic scalpel etc.

Exciting to be alive:

Dr Balaji Ravilla feels laparoscopic surgery is long overdue to our Indians and that, “NO SURGERY IN FUTURE NEEDS TO BE OPENED”. With single port surgery and anti-obesity surgery becoming easy it is really exciting times in a surgeon’s life. His career so far has been promising and rewarding. Now he feels it’s his duty to take it to the maximum number of people he can positively touch.

The growth:

Dr Balaji ravilla’s expertise in laparoscopy is shared in gastroenterology and gynaecology too since the necessary skills he acquired early are in great demand. Apart from NOBLE HOSPITAL, he visits a number of hospitals like Rai memorial hospital, teynampet, karpaga vinayaga medical college, chengelpet, DRJ hospital, Apollo specialty hospital, nandanam etc.

The team:

His team of both experienced & young surgeons along with motivated and trained theatre nurses with all safe and sterile precautions in place being the driving force behind surgical success.