Laparoscopy and Gastroenterology

no abdomen needs to be opened

This state of art specialty otherwise called minimal access surgery is at the heart of noble. We handle all gastro emergencies and elective cases with laparoscopy- Appendicitis, hernia, gall bladder, cancers of stomach, intestines etc. are routinely handled. Endoscopy and colonoscopy with ERCP are state of art diagnostic and interventional tools we routinely employ.

Our department has done over 3000 laparoscopic abdominal surgeries so far and counting.

Anti-obesity surgery by laparoscopy and single port laparoscopy are done with safety and comfort. Diabetes and hypertension along with increased cholesterol are cured by this surgery.

Gynaecology and Infertility

no Mass too big for Laparascopy & every man/ woman deserves their Own child

In the 21st century infertility is growing alarmingly- we offer comprehensive care like laprascopic polycystic ovarian puncture, lap myomectomy, lap uterine septal correction, lap tubal block clearance and tubal recanalisation which aids conception. We aslo undertake vaginal insemination, follicular study, hormonal correction and PCOD treatment to achieve success.

Apart from this lap hysterectomy (up to 28 weeks size removed), ovarian cystectomy, fibroid removal etc. are offered. MALE infertility is also treated by lap varicocelectomy, penile reconstruction, vaso vasostomy etc.

Dr P krishnamma along with lap surgeon dr Balaji ravilla are experts with combined experience of 1500 surgeries.

Orthopaedics and Joint replacement

old age-move until the end.

n elderly, retirement is an age of well-deserved rest but in many cases turns out to be creaky joints and lack of mobility- depending on others for even toilet movement is a cause of great depression in our senior citizens. Many of them are scared about any form of surgery especially of their joints- now NOBLE offers the latest high flexion joint prosthesis which puts them to walk immediately (few days) and also allows them to use indian toilets.

We have state of art arthroscopy (fully automated) drill with laminar airflow to ensure precision and sterility during joint surgery. All sorts of bone trauma and emergency are handled with our C ARM and multifunctional ORTHO TABLE. Vascular surgeons and plastic surgeons are available to refix limbs in case of complete amputation.

Dr Singaravadivelu , our leading Orthopaedic and Joint replacement specialist

with Precision hand technique & Prolific cases list also has a Penchant for making every elderly Indian walk with freedom from pain.

Medical and Surgical Oncology

Cancer-can stop

Cancer to a lay man even today means persistent suffering and loss of life. In noble we beg to differ- with over 1000 cancer cured patients in our profile we have in a short span of time proved cancer is cured not only by early detection but complete meticulous surgery (now with laprascopy used to resect surrounding lymph nodal tissue also).

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are supporting therapies we add to kill cancer completely.

Dr Rajasekar( DM onco) and DR Subbaiah (MCH onco) are our front row in the fight against cancer.


No Stone too big-never open

Our noble urology department uses minimal access tools like Ureteroscopes, Cystoscopies, PCNL and lithotripsy(stone fragmeters)and take it to international standards. For last 8 years not a single troublesome stone in kidneys, ureters ,urinary bladder or urethra was ever removed by open method

Dr Suryaprakash & Dr Guru balaji are the stone removal gurus.

Cancers and injuries are also handled with aplomb.


Brain and spinal cord sound major but our incisions on them are safe & minor

We remove blood clots from brain due to trauma or high blood pressure. We also resect brain tumours, av malformations and aneuryms. VP shunts are routinely done.

They correct disc problems with micro spine surgery.

Dr Jegathraman, Dr kodeeswaran & Dr Thirumaran are the stalwarts.

Cardiology and Neurology

Heart & brain-never spare any effort to give them a long innings.

With 3 D ECHO, ECG, TREADMILL STRESS TEST, SLEEP TESTING, EEG,MRI ,CT SCAN and our expert specialists ,we never miss a beat to ensure you go to your family with not only a long life but an active one too. Dr Ravishankar( DM cardio) and Dr Mutharasu( DM neuro) are our leading lights.


kill the naggers( Sinus, Tonsil, Hearing, Allergy)

With functional endoscopic sinus surgery(FESS) we have achieved hundred percent cure for sinuses. Tonsils and ears(mastoid ,tympanic membrane) care are our daily bread and butter. Dr F A Rehman and Dr Venugopal are our Ent specialists. Carl Zeiss microscope is welcome adjunct.


Go Smokeless

With pulmonary function tests, allergy testing, x ray and CT and Dr Lakshmipathy our patients with lung disease are in for quiet make over.


Donate kidneys, save lives.

Dr Balaraman is our chief nephrologist with facilities for Dialysis. Transplantation is presently outsourced.


Preserve the window to the world.

Dr Ravi kumar preserves vision with refractory testing and correction, cataract removal and preventive eye checks


Destroy this demon

Every one in four chennaiites is a diabetic. Our expert physicians and diabetologist correct sugars and thereby protect your kidneys,legs,heart,eyes and brain.

Paediatrics & Paediatric Surgery

Healthy child is our best investment.

Emergency paediatric and neonatal specialists like Dr Shiva and Dr Mangalabharathi are working around the clock healing the precious little ones and thereby support the obstetricians in the best mother baby outcome during childbirth. Our Paediatric surgery team of Dr Sankarabharathi and Dr Mohan kumar have done between them over 2000 paediatric surgeries including lung, kidney,gastrointestinal,urology and neck surgeries in children. They are prolific in Hypospadiasis, hernia, hydrocele and circumcisions.

Psychiatry & Counseling

Understand me, treat me, heal me

Dr Shivaji and Dr bagyashree understand your world better than anybody and expertly counsel, use medicines and also give shock therapy in resistant cases.

Physiotherapy and rehab

Make them move, make them smile.

Dr sudha is the expert who drives you to move stepwise manner and ensures the fitness continues.

Healing touch is Noble