Experience & International Trained surgeons

Noble Hospital Started in 1989 with 10 beds today we are 100 bedded with a wealth of 26 years’ experience in patient cure. Our faculty is a mix of professionals with Indian super specialization along with international fellowships and degrees. They offer the very latest in surgery, orthopedics, neuro, cardio, infertility, ENT, ophthalmology etc.

  • 26 year
  • 100+ Beds

An orthopedic surgeon, or orthopaedic surgeon, is a surgeon who has been educated and trained in the diagnosis and preoperative, operative, and postoperative treatment of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

The two most important areas of application of neurosurgery are procedures involving the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, nerves) and the spine itself. Neurosurgeons are also closely

Cardiologists are doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases or conditions of the heart and blood vessels—the cardiovascular system. You might also visit a cardiologist

Infertility refers to an inability to conceive after having regular unprotected sex. Infertility can also refer to the biological inability of an individual to contribute to conception,

ENT surgeons diagnose and treat conditions of the ears, nose, throat, head and neck, and undertake some cosmetic procedures.

Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye. All evaluations that purport to diagnose eye disease should be carried out by a physician.