It’s an extension of the clinical examination our doctors do to sort patient complaints:

NOBLE HOSPITAL is the first hospital to partner its sister concern – HCG ANDERSON PET CENTRE in screening patients for cancer location and its spread using PET-CT (leading diagnostic tool in cancer detection). It’s a world standard and we at noble are the first hospital in Chennai to embrace this technique before anybody else. Thousands of cancer survivors have benefitted by this innovative tool.

We also provide the latest 4D ultrasound, Doppler, echo cardiogram etc. for precise diagnosis and fail proof care. We have our CT AND MRI at our HCG ANDERSON Centre which is on the same road about few minutes away. SIEMENS X ray (stationary & mobile) are available. Our C ARM in OT provides comprehensive radiological diagnosis in all specialties especially orthopaedics.


It is our investigative center and critical to patient diagnosis

Hence our lab is completely automated with the latest in clinical pathology, biochemistry, immunology and ELISA, histopathology and microbiology. Dr Meenakshi sundaram is our leading light in this department. Sleep lab, EEG are available. LAB works 24 X 7,365 days in a year. We follow strict quality controls and standardize our results.


Treatment starts here

Pharmacy – Treatment starts here.
Our pharmacy is a computerized, expiry drugs less, reputed pharma drugs stocked, safe environment with senior pharmacists manning the show.


It is our place of rest and recuperation. Hence

We understand that cleanliness like charity starts from home. To understand the strict sterile conditions we maintain our toilets as testimony to the hygiene we practice everywhere else in our health delivery system. All the rooms are ergonomically placed designed by the international architects with comprehensive patient support systems incorporated. We handle about 500 to 600 new admissions in a month.

Operation theatre

It is our proud Heart of the hospital-we adorn it with

KARL STORZ three chip camera LAPRASCOPE SET. Multifunctional remote operated operating TABLES. SHADOWLESS cool LED theatre LIGHTS. Safe MARTIN (german) electro DIATHERMY for bleed control. Harmonic scalpel for advanced laprascopy. Morcellator for removing very large masses by lap. Advanced CARL ZEISS operating MICROSCOPE for PLASTIC, ENT AND OPTHAL MICRO procedures.

LAMINAR AIR FLOW which filters microorganisms in the operating theatre continuously thereby maintaining sterile conditions and zero infection levels. Joint replacement automated DRILL from… for precision surgery. State of art C ARM for natural fracture reductions, gastro and urology work.


Tourniquet for bleeding control.

The operating theatre is a surgeon’s dream- safe and internationally reputed equipment with high definition vision and good and experienced supporting staff. We do on an average about 150 surgeries in a month or 1600 cases in a year with no infection rate.

Intensive care

The ICU is our spiritual centre where life is guarded with passion:

Hence we have ergonomically designed it for smooth and safe patient care and we guard it with MACQUET ventilators, L & T monitors, syringe pumps, infusion pumps, defibrillator etc. Emergency anaesthetists patrol it round the clock to save precious yet precarious lives.

Emergency care (casualty) & Outpatient (op)

It's the first touch point in our hospital.

We zealously guard it with watchful expectation of any kind of case with our cardio pulmonary resuscitation team ready with all necessary gadgets. We have invasive patient monitoring systems and emergency drugs for cardio, neuro, trauma, and poisoning, breathing, diabetic and critically ill patients. Our specialists are minutes away from taking over from our emergency specialists.

Our emergency & OP regularly handles about 50 to 100 patients in a day. Our registration desk ensures medical records of patients are retrieved in minutes.

Support systems

Are the limbs we move on.

Centralized oxygen, nitrous, compressed air and suction delivery systems ensure uninterrupted supply of these lifesaving gases. 24 X 7 power and clean drinking water back up is a given. Clean food is outsourced to hygienic centre nearby. Insurance, billing, administrative and housekeeping staff ensures unhindered flow of services like clean linen and also bring in a bright and cheerful outlook.

Work force

Do unto others what you want them do to you.

All our doctors abide by the Hippocrates oath we take on graduation. We pledge to be ethical, compassionate and upgrade our skills constantly. We conduct infection and morbidity audit to assess the doctors and patients outcome. Our nurses and ward helpers are constantly educated on innovative new ways of patient care, cleanliness, safety and politeness.

After all healing touch is Noble.