The very mention of the word diabetes invokes panic and depression in everyone. But is there a need to panic and feel sad about diabetes? What is the reality? Lets understand what is diabetes and the best approach to treatment through case studies of two individuals who came to Noble Hospitalsa 2-year old boy and a 38-year old woman. Hope makes all the difference in life and our approach to life. At Noble Hospitals, we stress on instilling this hope in our patients and drive them towards a positive approach in handling diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease that affects the pancreas causing loss of insulin and insulin resistance. There is high level of sugar in the blood stream, which needs to be controlled with dieting, physical activity, or with insulin tablets. This is more prevalent among obese individuals. For obese individuals, bariatric surgery is also a remedial option to control diabetes. If the sugar level in the blood is not controlled, it can lead to other health disorders that affect the heart, eyes, kidneys, brain, and the feet.

Patients diagnosed with diabetes initially panic and worry that this is a lifelong disorder that can affect their future. They feel bad that diabetes will affect their freedom to enjoy life, eat what they like, and lead a carefree lifestyle. But this isnt true.

A 2-year old boy and his mother visited us at Noble Hospitals with an array of problems, fever, recurrent urinary infections, loss of appetite to eat or drink, loss of weight etc. They had visited several hospitals for 3-4 months with no result. During our investigation, we found that he suffers from Type-1 diabetes with a high level of sugar of 487 and continuous loss of insulin from his pancreas.

At Noble Hospitals, we gave him the right treatment and he started eating well and gaining weight. However, the mother was broken when she realized that he is diabetic and requires lifelong medicines. Apart from the disciplined schedule of treatment, we gave them hope and instilled confidence in them. Today, the boy is about 13 years old leading a normal life, playing cricket and football. He is very disciplined than other boys, avoids oily food, and other unhealthy stuff as he understands his body well.

The experience of this boy confirms that diabetes is not a curse, rather a way to lead a disciplined life to ensure good health. Diabetes forces you to lead a perfect life with planned and timely food intake, avoiding binge eating, and doing physical activity for atleast half an hour. This is essential for healthy body, healthy mind, and happy life for a long time.

Another interesting experience is that of a 38-year old woman withType-2 diabetes. She was taking insulin injections for many years and was dejected in life. She was constantly complaining, was depressed and angry, and was anxious about her life ahead. She developed dislike towards her appearance and was cribbing about the injections. After she visited us, we gave her hope that she can do away with the injections if she follows the diet recommended and indulges in physical activities. We motivated her put her to follow a certain discipline, counseled her, and gave her hope that her condition will improve and we will keep her healthy for the rest of her life. Due to the trust that she had in us she followed a strict diet and avoided sweets, despite her liking towards it. With a planned diet chart and allowance to have a sweet during a holiday, her anxieties came down, and she started responding well to treatment losing about 5-10 kgs of weight. She increased her walking time from 20 minutes to 45 minutes. With constant support and counseling she became more confident, and surprisingly her sugar level started falling. It became low to such an extent that we stopped insulin and put her just on anti-diabetic medicines. She was extremely grateful to us and started enjoying her life with her husband, family, and friends.

These two medical cases confirm the reality that diabetes in fact creates discipline in you, akin to a strict but gentle father who would not take a no for an answer. Eventually, you can live a better lifestyle even with diabetes without any worry by focusing on diet and physical activities.

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