Noble Hospital Mission

In India, Is life cheap?
Do Indians always lift newer drugs from foreign pharma companies?
Is Indian’s research and innovation output shamefully low?
Are Indians still behind food, clothing, water and electricity? Is Health a lesser priority?
Are Indians ‘game followers’ but not ‘game changers’?-MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION.

NOBLE WAS BORN OUT OF RAGE in 1989. Anger against incompetent medical care, incomplete surgeries and inadequate facilities. Our founding doctors were aggrieved by the situation and started noble from scratch to give compassionate care and unflinching support to the very sick and hopeless.

Noble hospital with 22 years in health care and grown from 10 bedded to 100 bedded multi-specialty tertiary care hospital in the heart of Chennai. It is a proud and prime feel for its patrons. In our consolidation phase, we have had many heartwarming moments in patient care and uplifting moments in helping our team of doctors, nurses realize their potential.

We realize our growth is first and foremost due to the peace of mind we ensure in our patients. Then we care for our technology up gradation which feeds safety in treating our patients and skills into our surgeons. We would treat our patients as we treat ourselves. Cost should never be a deterrant in any patient.

Chennai historically and traditionally is a bastion of relatively hard working people with excellent hospitality traits. Noble reflects that singular Chennai. Apart from chennaiites, we serve people from all over north India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Iraq, Nigeria, Sudan etc.

We keep innovating and take surgery to the next level where the world looks up to us for directions and decisions. Especially in the fields of laparoscopic gastro & gynaecology surgeries, joint replacements, Emergency care and Infertility where our expertise astounds the world and our studies are set to benchmark globally.

Since INDIA is a rising power beating all odds, we would like to take this surgical expertise to the most deprived sections too by our service camps and kkt government schemes. We have finished over 400 surgeries in this year for the below poverty line patients.

Our mottos are :

Eradicate open Abdomen Surgeries. Laprascopy shows the way.
Joint Replacements to every elderly person. Let them enjoy retirement.
Childlessness is a social stigma. Make every Man/ Woman enjoy a little one.
Emergencies our Priority Care – To be the best team in chennai to salvage lives.
Cancer is a curse. eliminate by Systematic Research and application of surgical skills.