Noble hospital was among the first hospitals in Chennai to be recognized for ISO 9001 quality recognition and accreditation because of sticking to Safety standards, Systematic audit, state of art equipment and Super qualified workforce. NABH process accreditation has also started.

We are actively invited for camps in schools (muthial chettiar schools, scope school etc), corporate clients ( laserwoods software, BI WORLDWIDE, TI CYCLES, IndusInd bank etc.) and in house preventive health camps and awareness programmes for noble patients.

We are the first hospital in Chennai to complete over 600 hysterectomies by laparoscopy without ever needing to open. We have operated over 400 cases under government insurance scheme for the below poverty line patients. We have removed a record beating large ovarian cyst of above 30 cms by laparoscopy. Removal of very large uterine fibroid of about 28 cms length (weighing almost 5 kgs.)

We are the few hospitals in Chennai to have an advanced laminar air flow with hepa filter for sterile infectionless environment during surgery ( esp orthopaedics) . we have handled over 3000 major surgeries with zero infection rate- we beat world standards by a big margin. We don’t have the super bug (that is the multi-drug resistant bacteria) which is the curse of many a corporate hospital in India since we maintain personal supervision and audit on ventilators , anaesthesia machines ,filters, sterilization and hand wash techniques & liquids.

We regularly treat patients from worldwide since we are able to give international standard care for Indian rates and our results, ambience and service ensures their loyalty and friends referrals.

Our surgeons regularly present surgical papers in Indian surgical associations like ASI, ICS, ELSA, AMASI etc. and have won awards for the same.

International faculty visit NOBLE during their CME PROGRAMMES.

Dr. Balaji ravilla is regularly invited by TV channels to answer viewer’s queries on health. He has participated in Podhigai tv, Jaya tv, Vasant tv , Sun tv in Tamilnadu and Maa tv & Tv9 in Hyderabad for many such live programmes.